Forest Forager Grobble

Theme: Monsters and Mythical Creatures
Subtheme: Forest Foragers
Style Number: FF3G
Colour: Black, Grey
Release Date: 01/01/2020
Release Year: 2020
Retirement Date: -
Animal: Forest Forager
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Forest Forager Grobble is a fluffy black creature with flecks of grey and white in his fur. He has a grey head with black button eyes and embroidered black nostrils. He has tiny grey ears and measures 15cm tall.


I am
Forest Forager Grobble

Please look after me.

Collectors note

Forest Forager Grobble is one of four “Forest Foragers”. The other three are Forest Forager Nook, Forest Forager Clover and Forest Forager Acorn.

He only came in one size option.