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Top Jellycat Easter Gifts for Spring 2024!

Sunday, March 24th, 2024

Hi everyone!

Who else is egg-cited for Easter next week?!

There have been some fantastic new Jellycats out this year for Spring/Easter, so I thought I’d show you a few of my favourites!

These are Jellycats that I think would make perfect presents this Easter. Perhaps they would make a great alternative gift to chocolate eggs (or in addition to them!).

This list is just my personal thoughts, and if you can think of any Jellycats that you would have included, please leave a comment below and tell us why you would have included it!

Now for my favourite Spring/Easter Jellycats for 2024!

Blossom Cherry Bunny

Jellycat Blossom Cherry Bunny Spring Easter 2024

There’s nothing more spring-like than the pale pink cherry blossoms blooming on the trees. Blossom Cherry Bunny features a beautiful, cherry blossom pattern print on her inner ears and feet.

She comes in small and medium, so you can choose the perfect size for your cuddly Spring bunny!

Amuseable Daffodil Pot

Jellycat Amuseable Daffodil Pot Spring Easter 2024

Another reminder of Spring, is when the bright yellow daffodils start blooming!

I had to add the Amuseable Daffodil Pot because they would look so cheerful sat on a windowsill or shelf!

It was released in one size.

Fluffy Chicken

Jellycat Fluffy Chicken Spring Easter 2024

Fluffy Chicken would make the perfect accompaniment to some small eggs in an Easter basket! I can imagine her sat on a little clutch of chocolate eggs.

She is only a small Jellycat too, measuring 11 x 6 cm, so would make the perfect pocket friend!

Bashful Bunny with Daffodil

Jellycat Bashful Bunny With Daffodil Spring Easter 2024How adorable is this little cream Bashful Bunny holding a bright yellow daffodil?!

I had to add Bashful Bunny With Daffodil as she looks so sweet and innocent with her little flower gift!

She came out in a small size, so measures around 18cm tall.

Amuseable Daisy

Jellycat Amuseable Daisy Spring Easter 2024

Amuseable Daisy not only has one cheery, little face to brighten your day, there are three!

I love the bright, sunny yellow plant pot that it comes in too, which matches their little yellow smiley faces perfectly.

It measures 34cm tall, so it’s a decent size too.

Bibbly Bobbly Sheep

Jellycat Bibbly Bobbly Sheep Easter Spring 2024I had to add this cutie in! His bouffant hairstyle makes me chuckle!

Bibbly Bobbly Sheep has the coolest name too!

I love how this chonky little guy sits, almost awkwardly, on his bottom. Its as if he has sat himself down and can’t figure out how to get back up again! It’s ok little sheepie, I know exactly how you feel!

Some Jellies that weren’t in this year’s Easter release, but I had to add to this list!

Here are a few current Spring/Easter Jellycats that were from previous years that I felt just HAD to be on this list.

Nesting Bunnies

Jellycat Nesting Bunnies Spring Easter 2023How utterly adorable are these three bunnies?!

I love Jellycats that have value for money, and this set of three Nesting Bunnies certainly has that! They even come in their very own wooly, green nest!

The colour combination of the rabbits are just perfect, with a grey, cream and caramel brown bunny.

All of the bunnies are detachable, so you can either keep them all together in their nest, or take them on adventures!

Nesting Chickies

Jellycat Nesting Chickies Spring Easter 2023

Following on from the Nesting Bunnies, we also have another release from the same year, Nesting Chickies!

These three little Spring chicks sit inside their wooly, light brown nest. I like to imagine they could be paired with one of the larger chickens like Cecile Chicken or Whitney Chicken for the perfect Easter display!

Who else would you like to add to this list and why would you add them? I would love to hear what you think! Leave a comment in the box below!