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Top 10 Pocket-Sized Jellycats Available in 2023

Friday, July 21st, 2023

Hi everyone!

As it is Friday, I thought I would write a fun little post, especially as this is something I have been looking for myself recently.

I’m not sure if you follow my Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages, but I’ve been on the search for a pocket-sized Jellycat to carry with me on my adventures. I finally, after much deliberation, chose the Amuseable Olives and Wee Bear, as shown below.

Amuseable Olives and Wee Bear - Pocket-sized JellycatsNow they have started their journey on an almost 2,000 mile trip from the UK to where I am currently staying in Bulgaria and I’m hoping they arrive here safely!

I did have other options that sadly I didn’t choose this time round. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels a little sad about leaving Jellies behind…Don’t worry guys, you’re still in my wish list! I will list these down below along with others I think that would make the perfect pocket pal.

1. Nippit Mole

Jelleycat Nippit Mole

Nippit Mole is the perfect pocket pal. He only measures around 13cm tall and has tiny arms that you just want to cuddle! And just look at the tiny tail….and those eyes!

I’m really sad I didn’t get to choose him this time, but maybe one day…

2. Fluffy Crab

Jellycat Fluffy CrabI’m still really sad about leaving this little guy behind! Fluffy Crab actually was one of my favourites of the Jellycats I had on my wish list!

He only measures about 9cm long, making him a great size to fit in your pocket. His little cheery face really makes your day! I may have to sneakily get him sometime…shhh!

3. Yummy Bear

Jellycat Yummy BearYummy Bear was another Jellycat I really regret not getting. I think he has the cutest face and I think he is freaking adorable!

He is around 15cm tall, so he’s not the MOST pocket-sized Jellycat, which is what made my decision, but he would still small enough to fit in a bag.

He has embroidered eyes instead of the button eyes of most of the Yummy range, but I actually think this looks pretty cute.

4. Birdling Seagull

Pretty much any of the Birdling range would be considered “pocket-sized”. I just picked out Birdling Seagull as I like his design. Birdling Pigeon would equally be on this list, but I didn’t want to list more than one Birdling.

The Birdlings only measure around 10 x 7cm, making an ideal travel-sized companion.

5. Amuseabean Highland Cow

Jellycat Amuseabean Highland CowThere are a range of Amuseabean animals. As of today, there are five Amuseabeans: Kitty, Bunny, Highland Cow, Ram and Unicorn. I chose the Highland Cow as he is probably the most tactile with different textures.

He has a soft brown body, fluffy brown fur on top of his head, tiny smooth horns and corduroy legs, giving him a variety of textures. He is also very cute.

6. Forest Fauna Frog

Jellycat Forest Fauna Frog

The full size of the Forest Fauna Frog would probably not be considered pocket-size. However, if you were to just take the frog alone, he would make the perfect little companion. Plus his smile is enough to brighten anyone’s day.

I love the fact he comes with his own toadstool house, so you have somewhere to store him when you’re home.

7. Amuseable Bean

Jellycat Amuseable BeanWhy have I put Amuseable Bean in this list? What other reason is there? A soft, plush, bean-filled baked bean to carry around in your pocket. There’s not much else to say!

He is a little cutie though.

8. Napping Nipper Westie

Jellycat Napping Nipper WestieTo be fair, any of the Napping Nippers are adorable and perfect for this list. I chose the Napping Nipper Westie because I love his red tartan bed.

That’s the main reason why I love the Napping Nippers, because they come with their own little bed to sit in. It feels like you’re getting more value.

9. Kitten Caboodle Grey

Jellycat Kitten Caboodle Grey

There are various Kitten Caboodles, but I chose Kitten Caboodle Grey because I love her blue eyes and silvery grey colour.

The Kitten Caboodles measure around 10 x 10 cm, so they are purrrrfectly pocket-sized! (Sorry, I couldn’t help it).

I also love the Kitten Caboodle Black and would add him to this list if I could, but I need to save the last slot for one more Jellycat.

And finally…

Amuseable Slice of Pizza

Jellycat Amuseable Slice of PizzaIf you go off measurements alone (19 x 5 cm), you probably wouldn’t consider Amuseable Pizza particularly pocket-sized. However, if folded, he could most certainly fit in your pocket, if not a handbag. Plus he is incredibly tactile with lots of textures

The only downside is he makes me really hungry…

My final thoughts…

There are several Jellycats I wanted to add to the list, for example, Small Amuseable Avocado is one of my favourite Jellycats (as seen below).

Jellycat Small Amuseable AvocadoI love this little guy and would have added him in a heartbeat. The only thing stopping me was his height. He would definitely fit in a handbag, however, he measures around 20cm tall, so I couldn’t justify calling him “pocket-sized’

This list was in no particular order, I don’t have favourites as I feel too guilty! It is also only based on my personal opinion.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this list! If you have a favourite pocket-sized Jellycat, leave a comment below!


Is my Jellycat toy genuine or fake?

Monday, July 10th, 2023

Hi everyone!

If you’ve made it here, it’s probably because you’re wondering if they Jellycat toy you’ve purchased, or are looking to purchase, is genuine or fake.

There are many ways to tell that which I will go on to explain below.


The first, and probably most obvious way to tell this is with the brand name on the tag.

Below is a picture of my small Bashful Peony Bunny.

Jellycat Small Bashful Peony BunnyAs you can see, the hang tag has the Jellycat “cat” logo with “jELLYCAT London” written underneath with that exact spelling.

However, there are some slight variations to the tag, for example, the Amuseables range has the word “AMUSEABLES” written in an arch above the cat logo, and its signature jelly hat has changed to a pineapple.

There is also a company that produces fake Jellycats that is well known in the Jellycat community called Ko Bonnie. They practically rip off the Jellycat font, but the word “jELLYCAT” is replaced with “Ko Bonnie”. On the other side of the tag, every single toy, no matter what design, says “I am Small Truffles Sheep


If the colour of the Jellycat toy looks “off” from what you expect, then it could potentially be a fake.

However, occasionally there has been a colour change when there has been a redesign. One example of this is the Bashful Plum Bunny. The original Plum Bunny was a USA exclusive, but was much lighter in colour than the later 2020 version of the Plum Bunny.

Overall appearance

This isn’t totally straightforward as Jellycat toys, especially Bashful Bunnies, have had their design changed over time.

Jellycat Bashful Bunny Beige and Petal comparisonAs you can see in the picture above, the small Beige Bashful Bunny on the left is smaller than the later small Petal Bashful Bunny on the right. The petal bunny’s arms, body and feet are chunkier and there is no longer any stitching for the toes. Both are 100% genuine.

A fake Jellycat will usually have a face that is totally out of proportion. In the case of Bashful Bunnies, they may have a larger than average or eyes that don’t look quite right. Their ears may look a bit weird or they may have limbs that are longer or shorter than you’d expect.

A fake Jellycat may look totally different from the stock image. However, there are some examples where genuine Jellycat toys look slightly different from the official stock photo. Below, you can see the stock image of a Munchkin Cat against my genuine Munchkin Cat.

Jellycat Munchkin CatAs you can see, although both are cute, the face on the Munchkin cat and the body shape are very different in reality.

Similar brands

I suppose these aren’t technically fakes, rather brands that are similar in appearance to Jellycat toys.

There are many brands that have based their toys on existing Jellycats. Below, are a couple of examples.

Apricot Lamb Toys

They are a relatively new US-based brand that almost entirely seem to consist of Jellycat look-a-like toys. For example, there is an Apricot Lamb Toys fox that looks very similar to a Fuddlewuddle Fox. Although, personally the fur doesn’t have the nice “ruffled” look that a Fuddlewuddle has.

Left to right: Fuddlewuddle Fox and Apricot Lamb Toys Fox

Manhattan Toy Company

At first glance, you might think that they might be a look-a-like company, however, the Manhattan Toy Company and Jellycat actually share more in common than you might think. The Manhattan Toy Company are indeed a legitimate company and Jellycat are actually an offshoot from them, hence the similarities.

Below, you could be forgiven for thinking this Manhattan Toys Monkey is a copy of a Bashful Monkey.

Left to right: Bashful monkey and Manhattan Toys MonkeyI still prefer the Bashful Monkey though, because of his cheerful, smiley face.

What do you think?

I hope this article is of use to you and that it helps to figure out if you have a genuine Jellycat or a dupe. Leave a comment below with your thoughts!